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Located in the city centre of Sibiu, near the Ibis hotel, hostel La Padre was founded to provide a pleasant place for tourists who come to visit the city of Sibiu.


The airport and the train station are connected by bus no.112. This bus can be taken from both the airport and the train station. The bus station is situated right in front of these institutions. This bus takes our tourists to the proximity of Hostel La-Padre. After taking the bus from the airport, tourists must disembark at the sixth bus station, named "Aida". The same bus takes tourists from the train station but the journey is a bit longer, as the bus must first go to the airport and then make it's sixth stop at the "Aida". Then tourists must go East, for about five minutes, until they reach the Ramada Hotel. After reaching the Ramada Hotel, it is all very easy as Hostel La-Padre is situated just behind the Ramada. The exact street is called "Somesului no.14"

The country background, windows full of light, double beds, the kindness of staff represent small aspects intended to make your stay in Sibiu, one of the most beautiful experiences.
The double beds (very comfortable), clean sheets, bath-shower (hot water non-stop), TV, refrigerator, access to kitchen, access to Internet and a friendly staff.
Internet Wireless Wi-Fi


The hostel offers 14 seats.
2 rooms with independent baths, the first with 3 double beds, and the other with 2 double beds.

Tarif: 12 EUR / Pers.

Location 1 (hostel) with 10 seats                       images

Location 2  with 4 seats                                       images

We offer transportation from the station, from the airport and bus station. (8 EUR / race minibus with 8 seats). We also providing transport for the tour of Sibiu city and nearby (The price settled by mutual agreement after the length of the route).

For a reservation at the hostel, please announce 24 hours earlier. In the event that your arrival will be unexpected, we provide the available places.
For the organization of extra staying activities, you must first establish a plan of action and also a reservation with prepayment.

You can reserve tickets with prepayment at different events and cultural manifestations held in the city of Sibiu.